I see you!

Dr. Sally Says…

Give your baby simple attention. It works! A quick hug combined with a brief “I see you” is just enough to give your baby loving reassurance while he or she is busy playing. This kind of quick interaction is often the best way to show your baby that you are fully involved with him or her even if you have to give your main focus to another matter at the time.

Activity 18

I See You!

Age Range: Nine to 12 Months

Area Being Developed: Social (Personality & Character)

Set up a clear safe area for your baby to move around in and explore. Next, set up a comfortable place for you to stay in the same room. Then, from time to time, go over to your baby with a quick hug and and a short “I see you!”  Then return as quickly as possible to your own special space. Repeat the process with longer and longer intervals.


* Responds to praise and positive attention

* Enjoys simple play 


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