Giving Help and Being Thanked, the Perfect Combination!

Activity 48 – Make a “Thank You” Spot*

Age Range – Preschool and Up

Area Being Developed – Social Development – Self-awareness and Self-esteem

Hang a rope somewhere between two hooks or in some other safe way that will not ruin your walls or damage your house. Any room you choose is good–hallway, child’s room, kitchen, or some other area of your liking. Then make available some notepaper, pencils or pens, and plastic clothespins. Use these for writing family thank you notes and hanging them up.

Parenting Insight…

Most important of all, make time everyday during the rest of the month of November to read newly hung notes to the whole family. Being helpful is wonderful, and being thanked for a thoughtful action is even more wonderful. Let the family appreciation flow…

Enrichment: Use this same display idea from time to time during the rest of the year for your child’s excellent work. For giving recognition related to what is hanging, make positive comments about the work all the time. Point out quality, color, style, or any other from of uniqueness.

Holiday Cheer! Decorations, decorations, decorations. Make as many with your family as you possibly can!

Holiday Gift Idea! Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally by Email. Send a subscription to a friend or relative. Just drop me a note at and let me know who you would like to have it sent to and any special note or holiday greeting you would like to add. Be sure to include the e-mail address of your friend or relative.

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