Earth Day Continued…

Here we are one week later after Earth Day was celebrated far and wide in our country. Here we are also with barely a memory of last week’s awareness.

According to a scientific report on, we find out that on Friday April 18th

NASA crashed the craft called Lunar and Dust Environmental Explorer (LADEE) on the Moon as part of the final leg of its mission last Thursday. NASA officials had predicted that it would crash on Monday, April 21.

The crash of this craft on the moon did not constitute an accident. It was done purposely and deliberately as part of its mission. This is not the latest mistake to befall NASA.

The craft called LADEE was rocketed into space last September. It has been orbiting the moon since October. Since November 10, 2013, it has been collecting data and doing its primary 100-day mission of orbiting the moon’s equator. The primary science goal had been conducted on March 5th. NASA decided to extend the mission of this craft for another month.

The trouble for this lunar craft began when it did not have enough fuel to escape lunar orbit or go on with its primary science. mission. The craft was trying to fix itself on April 12, but this put LADEE in an orbit that was one mile above the lunar surface. The craft then had no choice, but to start a descent to the Moon’s surface. The craft did at least make it through the full lunar eclipse on April 15. When this NASA craft made its final descent at about 3,600 miles per hour. This is said to be three times the speed of a bullet. The LADEE was not invulnerable and most likely broke into tiny pieces when it hit the surface of the moon.

Rick Elphic, the project scientist in charge of LADEE at NASA’s Ames Research Center, felt that he had to make a statement. He does feel that there is nothing gentle about a craft crashing into the moon at 3,600 miles per hour. He does want to know if the craft made a small crater on a lunar hillside or scattered in several directions on a flat area. He is curious to know what kind of lunar feature LADDE created.

Time to ponder…

As we all know, a short time after this crash, a huge tornado pattern formed and is wreaking havoc for many as it continues to move from west to east across our whole United States. As we speak, homes are being destroyed at a record-breaking rate and over a hugely enormous area.

One can only wonder if such a brutal crash could have had an impact on the sensitivity of the delicate balance of our very basic “sun, moon, earth and stars” combination.

NOTE: Please feel free to read on to last week’s Tuesday Afternoon Tea Earth Day Tip

April! The Month of Volunteering

I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings.

~ Margaret Mead

American Anthropologist

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