Dance Little Baby

Dr. Sally Says…

Babies are always happy when they can move. They are even happier when they can move and learn at the same time. Singing songs and moving your baby to the words is a great way for your baby to grow in motor skills and language at the same time.


Activity 12

Dance Little Baby 

Age Range: Six to Nine Months

Area Being Developed: Motor

Sing the words to the following song and move your baby in the directions as marked.


Dance Little Baby

Dance little baby (Dance your baby).

Dance up high (Dance your baby over your head).

Never mind baby (Dance your baby).

Mother is by (Hug your baby).

Up to the ceiling (Dance your baby over your head).

Down to the ground (Dance your baby down to the floor).

Backwards (Move your baby backwards)

And forwards (Move your baby forwards)

Round and round (Move your baby round and round).


Your baby will learn to understand more and more language by experiencing it.


  • Begins to develop concepts like in and out and up and down
  • Responds to rhythm and vocalizations

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