Coo, Gurgle, and Smile!

Dr. Sally Says…

mom and babyYour pediatrician will get to know your baby. So will your babysitter and other caregivers. However, no one will know your baby better than you. Dr. Mom, you are the real expert!

Respond to your baby with the same sound or smile, and you will get more sounds and smiles back. While experiencing the joy of connecting with your baby, you will also be encouraging your little one to communicate with more sounds and less crying. You can’t beat that!

Activity 4

Coo, Gurgle, and Smile

Age Range: Birth to Three Months

Area Being Developed: Language (Speaking & Listening)

Whenever you are with your baby, listen for your baby’s coos and gurgles. When you hear one, repeat it back.  When you see your baby smile, you will naturally smile back.

Then go on to the next level. You start with a coo, gurgle or smile and see what response you get. Repeat it back or make up a new one. Keep the sounds going.

Then voila! Your first conversation!


  • Responds to sound and touch
  • Looks at faces, patterns, and objects
  • Responds to voices
  • Smiles socially
  • Responds to sounds with vocalizations
  • Produces random vowel-like sounds
  • Responds to sounds with vocalizations

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