Compliments and Kids!

parenting tipsQuestion:

I have two daughters. They are both pretty. One keeps getting compliments all the time about her eyes, hair, beauty, etc. The other hardly hears any. What can I do so that the second sister does’t feel bad about herself.


This solution is a two-part process that you can start any time.

  1. Make it a habit to make lots of complimentary comments daily to each daughter when they are both together.
  2. Then if someone with poor judgement comes along and does this, be ready to balance the compliment in the way you have been used to doing. An example is saying something like “You should have seen how beautiful both girls looked last night when they were all dressed up to go to a party.”.

Keep your positive energy going and growing as much as you can at all times.

September! The Month of the Babies

It is never too early to start the compliments. As we say in the world of parenting, “What you think of your child is what your child will think of him or herself”… and this process begins at birth. People used to think that babies did not understand anything, but now we know just the opposite. They understand everything on their level. All that they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell are formative experiences that make a difference, and every moment counts!

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