Caps for Play!

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Activity 26: Large Plastic Bottle Caps

Age Range: 18 Months on… (Older Toddler)

Area Being Developed: Cognitive (Learning)

This is a wonderful activity because it is open-ended. You actually begin the moment you start collecting the caps. Select only the large plastic ones that come in solid colors. Large in this case means large enough not to swallow. Your older toddler will love exploring these caps. You take it from there. Count them, stack them, sort them, and even make up your own simple games.

Dr. Sally Says…

Your child can now easily get to where any activity is and jump right in. He or she can begin to exert influence on exactly what is taking place. Able to walk up and down stairs, kick a ball, jump, and run; he or she can now go far and wide. A word to the wise, don’t take your eyes off your little one… not even for one minute!



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