Build Your Relationship! One Story at a Time

Activity 50 – When I Was Your Age…*

Age Range – Preschool and Up

Area Being Developed – Social Development – An Introduction to History

Sit with your child in a comfortable spot. A soft couch is popular. However, you may have another favorite like a king-size bed or a big easy chair.

Tell your child something interesting about your childhood. It could be something your mother used to say to you, or it could be what she gave you to eat. It could be about bedtime, toys, or your friends. Share as much as you will enjoy. Then switch to taking questions. Have fun as you answer fun things that your child would like to know about you.

Parenting Insight…

Need a bonding topic for you and your child? This is a good one. Most kids love hearing about what your life was like as a child. Many find it hard to believe that you even once were a child. As you share this information you two will become closer, and your relationship will become stronger. That is really good!

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