Box Fun!

Dr. Sally Says…  

Understanding is increasing rapidly. New memory skills will amaze you. New sounds and even words are likely to take you by surprise. Have fun with boxes!

Activity 16 


Age Range: Nine to 12 Months

Area Being Developed: Cognitive (Learning)

Collect as many boxes as you can find. Shoeboxes of all sizes are great. Place smaller ones inside larger ones. Then, if you have a small doll, toy car, or other interesting object that your baby likes and that fits inside your smallest box, place it inside that box. Fitting boxes in boxes is next. Enjoy!


* Explores an object in a number of ways 

* Understands that objects have a front, back, top, and bottom 

* Enjoys simple play – 

* Begins to understand and respond to one or two word phrases other than his or her name like “good, come here, hold this, etc.” 

* Says many sounds and occasional words 



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