Become a Shapes Detective!

Activity 44: Recognizing Shapes

Age Range: Preschool and Up…

Area being Developed: Pre-Geometry and Spatial Sense

Start with a simple shape like a circle. When you are finished with that, go on to a square and then a rectangle. Make the activity into a treasure hunt. Take turns looking for items in the shape you have chosen. Here are examples of shapes you might find at home:

Circles – plates, door knobs, bottle caps, drinking glasses and cups, and table tops

Squares – windows, CD cases, boxes. and table tops

Rectangles – doors, windows, books, desktops, dresser tops, and table tops

There are different shape items in stores, offices, parks and other places you probably frequent with your child. In the beginning some shapes will be hard to find; but as you continue to look, you will probably be surprised about how many there really are. While circles, squares, and rectangles are often more prevalent, triangles, hexagons, and other shapes are out there too.


As simple as this game may seem, play as a shape detective lays the initial groundwork for later success in geometry and spatial relations.



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