Baby Pillow Play!

Dr. Sally Says…

Line them up!

How perfect! Your baby is developing increased mobility at just the exact time he or she wants to explore. Whether your baby is crawling or walking, you can be sure he or she is on the move… and loving it.  A hallway is suggested for this activity, but a larger area will work as well. Just remember, be very careful not to let you baby out of your sight.

Activity 17

Over the Pillows and through the Hall

Age Range: Nine to 12 Months

Area Being Developed: Motor (Action)

Place several pillows in a line down your hallway or in a selected room.  Place your baby on one end and encourage him or her to come to you on the other.  Have fun as you watch your baby go over or around the pillows to get to you. When your done, enjoy making up your own pillow play with your baby.


  • Rolls or pushes an object
  • Crawls 
  • Walks 
  • Responds to praise and positive attention 
  • Enjoys simple play 


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