August! Time to Get Dignified

S and S on porchAugust! The Month of Dignity

Here is what the Merriam-Webster Dictionary tells us about the word August. It means

dignified, distingué, distinguished, imposing, portly, solemn, staid, stately

That’s our month. Let us treat it that way. Who doesn’t love August? It is the second month that summer is in full bloom. With sunshine at its best, it is a wonderful time for outings of all kinds to places like parks, zoos, exhibitions and more.


What can you do to bring about more dignity in your home?


Concentrate on respect. Give it, get it, expect it, and everything in between.

If, by chance, you are  interested in wiping out whining, complaining, or any other kind of behavior that tries your nerves, require dignity.

If, on the other hand, you are planning an outing and need everyone to pitch in, use dignity.

If you are just in the midst of everyday summer living and enjoying this relaxed time of year, raise it another notch with dignity.

Whatever you are up to this month, enjoy this new aura. “Imposing, portly, solemn, staid!” Wow, who would have thought that!

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  1. Love this concept! For parents to earn respect we need to be respectful and treat our little ones with respect. That means validating their feelings, choices and requests, even when we don’t agree. We don’t want to be bullied by our children, but acknowledging their right to choices and feelings teaches them that we ALL deserve that right, Mom and Dad too! That leads to parenting with dignity and maturity, setting that bar high for children and parents alike.

  2. Thanks Sally great post!
    Love it!
    Rosalind All I can say is your comment was great and ditto!!
    Our Kids copy us, they do what we do, Not what we tell them to do !
    So if we act with dignity and are kind to their feelings they will be kind!

  3. Rosalind and Ava,

    I love your synergy. How interesting it is that parenting is about who we are and what we do. I once heard a little tip from Wayne Dyer that seems to fit here. “Row, row, row your life gently down the stream.” Isn’t that a calming message?

  4. Yes, and calming is crucial during parenting. There’s a lot to remember so we have to trust ourselves. And when things aren’t working well, then focus on the great tips abounding on websites and blogs like this one! Thanks, Dr. Sally!

  5. Hi Rosalind and Shara,

    Thank you both for adding all your good ideas. I love presenting this Q & A section and being able to serve parents in this kind of personal way.

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