April Fun! Simon Sez

Simon Sez have some fun with your little one… outdoors! Any time you have a choice of being either inside or outside, go out! Fresh air is better.

I am sure you remember the age-old and extremely popular childhood game “Simon Sez.” For your littlest child, leave out the basic rule about not following the direction when the words “Simon Sez” are omitted. Just have fun watching your child follow every single fun direction you can make up.

For your older child, play the game the way you think is best!

Next, use your memory and go back in time to think up all the other creative outside games that you know. Here’s my list so far. Use and enjoy it and then add your own:

  • Mother, May I?
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Red Rover

Then don’t forget about jump rope and all those wonderful rhymes that children enjoyed. Remember playing with a ball? We spent hours enjoying the alphabet game that started like this “A my name is Alice; my husband’s name is Al; we come from Alabama; and we sell apples.” Following this pattern, you made up your own chant for each letter.

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