A Color Song!

Dr. Sally Says… Songs play a major role in your baby’s development. Using your baby’s name in a song makes it self-esteem building. This song combines using your baby’s name along with paying attention to what he or she is wearing.

As your child grows, singing in front of the mirror may become a fun part of their own routine! (Pointing to fingers, toes, ears and nose or…various colors and shapes)

A Color Song!

Age Range: Nine to 12 Months

Area Being Developed: Self-esteem (Belief in Oneself)

Join your baby in front of a mirror. Then before you begin singing, point to and say out loud the colors you see in clothes you are both wearing. When you are ready to sing, choose the color that you see most. Then get ready to point to those colors. When you are finished enjoying this song using one color, choose another color and keep singing. Each stanza is the same except for the color you choose.

Here is the song beginning with one color.

Sally’s Dress

Samantha’s wearing a pink dress, pink dress, pink dress.

Samantha’s wearing a pink dress all day long.

Debbie’s wearing a pink blouse, pink blouse, pink blouse.

Debbie’s wearing a pink blouse all day long.

Samantha’s wearing…

Samantha’s wearing…

Debbie’s wearing…

Debbie’s wearing…


  1. My daughter loves songs about colors. She is so proud of the fact that she now knows all of her colors and she sings about it daily 🙂 Attending preschool has helped with this. We sing at home, too (since birth), and implementing what she learns at preschool just helps to solidify the information.

  2. sally

    Hi Shara,
    Yes, it is wonderful to enjoy songs with your baby from birth. Thank you very much for sharing how special it is for you when you see your daughter beam with pride while she is singing some of those very same songs you started teaching her during her earliest days.

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