Why Turkey!

Here is a question that your students might soon be asking you. It always pays to be prepared!!!


Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?


Here is the classic answer. You may know another one.

Queen Elizabeth of the 16th century in England was eating roast goose during a harvest festival when news came that the Spanish Armada had sunk on its way to attack England. The queen was so pleased that she ordered a second goose to celebrate. Thus, the goose became the favorite bird at harvest time in England.

When the Pilgrims arrived in America from England at harvest time, geese were hard to find; and turkeys were more prevalent. Therefore, they switched their tradition to turkey and made that their main cuisine for that time of year.

Here’s a fun piece of information: Male turkeys are nicknamed “toms,” while females are called “hens.”

NOTE: Isn’t it nice to “talk turkey!”

November! Time to Give Thanks

Start off each day with one student telling his or her own special “thank you.” Have fun with your students doing this all month long.

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