Teach the Art of Gift Giving!

Teach your students how to make a gift list. While most children are caught up today thinking about what they “want” for Christmas, tune up your students to focusing on what they will “give.” Spend extra time this year helping each child decide what he or she would like to give to different people. Believe it or not, just this kind of on-going focus all holiday long will spark a genuine interest on the part of your students to either want to buy or make gifts for those he or she really loves.

NOTE: I have with this technique turned around the most ardent gift-getting children. Your gift? Enjoying what you gave your students, the ability to all of a sudden, in their own time, wake up and discover that it really is more fun, satisfying, and rewarding “to give than to receive.”

October! The Month of Positive Energy

A fun poem for your students…


Don’t forget the golden rule,

To treat your friends with care.

They will do the same for you.

That is what is fair.


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