Teaching Shapes to Little Ones

Technique – Keep your students busy, have fun, and teach the shapes at the same time.

Shapes are all around us. Look around your classroom, and you will see them.

* Do you have square tiles on your floor?

* Is your desk in the shape of a rectangle?

* Do you have a round table for reading, art, or small group activities?

* Triangles may be harder to find, but you can make them by dividing any square in half.

You can also have your students collect shapes. If you have a bag for each child, plastic or paper, you can take them on a circle hunt. They may find parts of toys, plastic or paper plates, cups, chalk, crayons or markers, or any number of school items. You can do this same activity for other shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles; and you can do it indoors or out.


It is comforting to know that you can teach young children with few or no materials… and the price is right!

March! The Month of the Rainbow

The half-circle is a perfect shape for coloring rainbows. Set up this activity in any way that is best for your students. As long as you remember ROY G BIV, you are set.

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