Teaching Love, Kindness & Health

Share with your students three special meanings for the word heart, featured so prominently all during this Valentine’s Day month–love, kindness, and health.

* Love – Your heart emits love from inside and out. It shows on your face without any doubt.

* Kindness – Your heart shows your kindness each day that you live. Receiving is fine, but you beam when you give.

* Health – Your heart guides your health with each vital heart-beat. You exercise well, and you watch what you eat.

February! The Month of the Heart

Have fun with these three rhyming couplets. Start with the first one and repeat it often with your students until they know it from memory. Then every time you see one of your students showing love, go ahead and point it out. Repeat this activity with the rhyme for kindness and then again with the one for health. Finish enjoying each one before you go on to having fun with the next.

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