Symmetry and its Value in Education.

Tip Stand up tall; sit down straight, and match, match, match!

Reinforce mid-line awareness in these two important ways:

  • Full Body – Talk to your students about a strong central core that goes from top to bottom.
  • Eyes – Help you students focus on the midpoint of a picture by making the two halves meet.

Get out your favorite child magazines that you are done with and look for big and beautiful pictures that are symmetrical. Faces, trees, and houses are most frequently available. You will probably find others. Once you find a few, cut them out and then in half vertically.

Next have fun with your students making the two parts match.


Reading and writing are once again the focus. Strong mid-line awareness is a very important concept for the other process of crossing it.

Ideas of March!

If you cannot find symmetrical pictures to cut, have your students draw their own. A bowl and a lamp are two good ones that are pretty easy to draw and very good for this kind of activity. Your students may also like to draw and/or color these or others as well.

Here’s another thought! Paper plates. Children love to color these, especially on the ripples on the border. Easy to color and easy to cut… You can’t beat that!


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