Success Breeds Success in the Classroom!

Teach your students to focus on positive occurrences.

Here is a fun way to build positive feelings. Name a topic, and then have students one at a time add a good memory. Here are some examples.

  • Soccer – “I made a goal.”
  • School– “I finished my work.”
  • Lunchtime – “I sat with Alistair.
  • Reading – “I read out loud.”
  • Recess – “I loved the slide.”

Modify this activity to serve your own teaching atmosphere. For boosting morale, get quick answers out loud. For writing, take written answers on a page. For both writing and speech, choose an activity and have your students either write or talk about it.


When it comes to success, the sky is the limit. Enjoy it in your classroom as much as you can. For honors, awards and certificates, display them freely. For all acts of kindness, point them out. Because only a few students get official awards, notice good deeds and individual accomplishments at every turn. No matter how small the positive, your awareness of it multiplies its meaning for the individual.

Make a big deal out of any kind of success. It is a big deal!

Holiday Cheer! Start a success box for the holidays and enjoy it to the hilt. Design it your way for your classroom. If a few students can create and/or decorate it, that would be great. If you need to make it and supply all the note paper and writing supplies, that is good too. If older students can write their own, and you need to write for younger ones, go ahead. In whatever way you choose, capture as many student successes as you can.

Holiday Gift Idea! Tidbits for Teachers by Email. Send a subscription to a colleague. Just drop me a note at and let me know who you would like to have it sent to and any special note or holiday greeting you would like to add. Be sure to include the e-mail address of the other teacher.

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