Reading All Around!

Technique – Make reading a part of your students’ everyday world.

There are so many ways to have fun with it. Check for letters, words and phrases on the clothes your students are wearing. Make an organized game out of reading each other’s shirts.  Keep looking all around for signs of all sorts–Exit, Open, Closed and many more. Last but not least are newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. They also bombard you non-stop with all kinds of words, phrases, sentences and more.

Reading is everywhere! Find what you like, what you think your students will like, and have fun.


Go on a word hunt. See how many words you can find right in your classroom.

Take advantage of all the high-quality books available and be sure to make time for reading every day.

March! The Month of the Rainbow

Find books about March, the beginning of spring, and the seasons. There are many.

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