One Whole Day! The Schedule Way

Here is a fun poem to teach to kids this month. It is all about the beauty of one whole day. With structure being great for kids, this poem is designed to help children live in a more meaningful, organized and comfortable way.

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

Good morning I love you. Get up and get dressed.
A new day is here, and that is the best!

Wash up and get ready. The day is brand new.
There’s fun to be had and so much to do.

Breakfast is made. I hope it’s just great.
The table is set. Just fill up your plate.

Your lunch is all packed and ready for you.
Your snack cups are out. Just take one or two.

Focus on work when you get to school.
Do your own best for that is our rule.

Come home to regroup and relax in your way.
Then finish your work and go out to play.

When dinner time comes, your family’s there.
We talk and we laugh. There’s so much to share.

Then nighttime arrives, and the chores left are few.

We sit and relax and then talk the day through.

To bed is what’s last when we rest from the day.
We sleep; we repair; we let dreams have their say!

~ Dr. Sally

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