Make Your Student Feel Needed

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* Make Your Students Feel Needed

If you wake up in the morning with important work to do… and then you do it… how good does that feel? Very good! So it is with your students. Probably what they want more than anything is to be your helper. Every time they help you, you will see amazing growth in their stature right before your very eyes!

Today we say…Seek your students’ help whenever possible. Sentences like “Who would like to be a “teapot” checker?” and “I need two people to get the lawn equipment” are both examples of making your students feel important and valued. Teachers often find children uncooperative when they ask them to do things in a random fashion. However, when they make their request as part of a meaningful situation, they often get a much better response.

Another way to show your students that they are valued is to ask for help with a task. While getting ready to go out to the playground, you might need one student to pack up a set of blocks in their original container. While preparing for snack time, you might need someone to fold napkins, pick up some toys, or put some items on the table. Another popular way to ask for help is with carrying things.

As you continue to seek assistance on an ongoing basis, remember to use the words, “please” and “thank you.” Those are the magic words in our culture. They are words of respect and appreciation. Use them to build respect and appreciation into your teacher-child relationship. Remember, the way to teach your students to say “please” and “thank you” is to say them to your students.

It is interesting to note that even the smallest twist in your behavior can make a big difference.

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Parenting skills, just like teaching skills are just that important. They make everything else that you do go much more smoothly.

~ Dr. Sally

* Based on Parenting Pillar Number 4 – Make Your Child Feel Needed

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