Knowledge and its Spirit!

“Knowledge is power!” Use this great educational “booster” for beginning a school day.

Here is a way to apply it to studying about President Obama. Have your students take turns explaining something they know related to the topic. Here are some examples:

  • President Obama is our 44th president.
  • He just got inaugurated for his second term.
  • It was our country’s 57th inauguration.
  • The economy is a big problem for our president.

Let each student’s piece of information stimulate conversation, action, and fun. While you can explain to your students the value of knowledge, bringing it to the fore and helping them feel it’s power works the best.


What is so great about learning is that whatever you already know lays the foundation for learning more. In addition, when you know how to do something right, it is much easier than doing it wrong. Here’s another perk. Knowledge provides security.

Fighting Violence!
Security translates itself into inner strength which always shows itself in productive ways. No room for violence in that kind of environment!

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