Games with Letters!

abcKeep them Simple with 13 Letter Cards!

With 26 letters placed back-to-back from A to Z, you can have a 13-card set. Depending on what works best for you, you can make one set or have fun guiding your students through the project. Use either 3”x5” index cards or the 5”x8” size and place on them stick-on letters that you can get in an office supply store.

If you hole-punch each one and add a yarn loop, your students can hang them. If you keep them plain, you have all different kinds of card game options open to you, even hiding them. If you just want to focus on how to write the letters, make up a game for tracing your fingers around the textured letters. Great fun is to find objects that match like “D for Door Knob” of “W for Window.” Try “B on a Book” and “T on a Table.”


How special it is to have a “homemade” toy that you can use in many different ways to teach your students the letters. If you tried this kind of teaching before in a more formal way, now you have the simplicity of 13 cards to use and enjoy in your own creative way. Fun and learning is an amazing combination!

A Bouquet of Positive Feelings!

Play your own game of alphabet flowers. Lets’ start…

A is for Azalea

B is for ?????. Hard to think of ones like Begonia, Buttercup, or Birds of Paradise? No matter! Use more common flower-like words like Bud, Blossom, and Beautiful

C is for Chrysanthemums

D is for Daisies

NOTE: Play has no real rules. The only parameters are the ones you make up and enjoy.




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