Coloring Practice! Made Fun and Easy

Tip – Teach your students how to color in the lines in a new and creative way.

If by chance you thought making your own “follow-the-dots” was great, try this! Make your own “color-by-number” design.


Just as you did by following last week’s tip, your students can make one of these on their own too… and at just the right level.

They can start with a simple drawing that has only two sections to it and gradually expand to a more complicated design with three, four, five, six, seven, or eight parts.

Once they make their designs, instruct them to place a number in each section of their drawing. Next they need to assign a color for each number they put on their design. Then they need to write a key to follow. If they don’t want to write the color word, they can also put colored lines in their numbered key. Your students can do this activity all by themselves, or you can assist as needed.

Fun Extension!

Make this into a detective-type activity. If you make up the project for all your students, you can ask them to find all the 1’s, 2’s, etc. As in other coloring activities, it is appropriate to emphasize coloring in as much of each whole space as possible.


Eye-hand coordination continues. As you look on, remember that coloring skills improve over time. It is also appropriate to expect different levels of coloring expertise from different children.

*Adapted from Make Your Own Preschool Games: A Personalized Play and Learn Program by Sally Goldberg, p. 174 – 175.

June! Month of the Dads

Make up a “Color-by-Number” fun sheet just for kids and Dads. Any way you decide to carry out this idea will be just the right way!

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