Childhood Games as Teaching Tools

From “Ring Around a Rosie” to “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush,” children’s singing games are packed full of learning experiences.

As you have fun with your students doing the “world-famous” Hokey-Pokey, feel confident that your selected activity is very worthwhile.

Age Range – Preschool and Up

Area Being Developed – Motor Skills, Language, and Left & Right

Stand opposite your class and play this well-known game. Turn around carefully as you model the direction accurately. Here is a recommended order for body parts:

  • Left hand, right hand
  • Left foot, right foot
  • Head
  • Whole self

When you “do the hokey-pokey,” you can be creative about this movement. When you “turn yourself about,” you and your students should turn in the clockwise direction.

Enrichment Information!

Any child activity that has stood the test of time like the “Hokey-Pokey” must have a lot to offer. Let’s check that out. Here are the primary benefits:

  • An excellent natural way for teaching and reinforcing the concepts of “left and right.”
  • A valuable technique for teaching and reinforcing movement in a clockwise direction.

Consistently going from left to right and moving in a clockwise direction establishes order for children.

Emergent Literacy!

Enjoyable childhood games combined with easy-to-learn lyrics form the basis of much language learning.

Easy-to-learn lyrics promote clear speech.

Loved games are played over and over and through repetition and familiarity promote learning.

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