The Gift of Time!

The Time Frame

By Sally Goldberg, Ph.D

On time, in time, out of time or no time?

Where does the time go?


          It can go so fast

          At a speedy lightning pace

          Or just move so slow

          Like it’s staying in one place.


Sixty seconds in a minute,

If you watch them, they will linger.

When you do what you love doing,

They’ll be gone like one snapped finger.


Sixty minutes in an hour,

If you’re bored they will be dry.

If you have them when you’re busy, 

They will move on swiftly by.


Lots of hours in a whole day.

Watch them go by one by one.

Take the same time busy playing, 

And they’ll all be quickly done.


When you’re young your time moves slowly.

Then it speeds up as you grow.

To so many this is puzzling.

What’s the reason? Do you know?


There’s an answer that is simple, and it’s easy now to give.

It’s the length of time in total that we all have when we live.


Take a day and then a week and then a month for tiny tot.

Oh my gosh, they’re long and major, and to them they are a lot.


Send those same times out to others, to the old and to the gray,

And to them they are like pauses and then quickly go away.


Yes it’s time that we do measure, and the rules are quite specific,

But it’s how we choose to spend it that’s our gift that is terrific!

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