Technology Strikes Again!

Today’s article appeared in the March 5th Wall Street Journal. It is called

Getting a Baby’s Attention for Better Pics

“Want great baby photos, the kind where the infant is looking up and smiling at the camera? Here are two easy tricks for getting the perfect close-up with a smartphone. Michael Hsu Reports.”

As you and I both await the creative answer about ways to connect with baby, here is what we find:

1. Sync Your Shutter to a Squeaky Toy

2. Record a Silly Soundtrack

Complete descriptions about both of these suggestions and details about how to do them with a smart phone are included, but I think you get the idea. The smart phone strikes again!!!

I may be wrong, but I am guessing that many of you take very good baby photos. It is actually hard to stop all the proud moms these days from taking enormous numbers of great smiling photos daily. So many moms delight in sharing their baby’s amazing smiles and cute little baby antics with almost anyone and everyone who shows even the slightest interest.

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