Sugar-filled drinks affect children!

I just read in USA Today that teens are getting large amounts of sugar each day from soda, energy drinks and other sugary beverages. The article said that many adults also get a lot of their daily calories from these drinks. Their data showed that half of our population in the USA drink sugary beverages on any given day.

I wanted to bring this to your attention because we know that children form lifetime eating habits in the first seven years. With sugar-related difficulties like obesity and diabetes being such big problems in our country, it only makes sense to stay on top of your child’s food choices right from the start.


  1. dr. sally

    The College of Human Ecology at Cornell University is making a successful contribution to the obesity problem in New York City. After finding out that the Bronx had been rated the unhealthiest of all 62 counties, they set up their intervention in the South Bronx; and then when they found out that Central and East Harlem had a similar proportion of overweight and obese residents, they decided to include Harlem.

    I call this to your attention because the problem starts with children. They are our business. Whatever we can teach them in the early years will form a foundation for them that will last a lifetime. Believe it or not, the first three years have the biggest effect. Then the years from three to five come next. Lastly, when it comes to food habits, you still have two more years, those from five to seven, to keep it going.

    Is it possible to change and make amends after those early years? Of course it is. However, as evidenced by those working in these areas in New York City, it is definitely not easy. Helping older children, teens, and adults to make changes is very difficult. With the right intervention and a lot of love and persistence, people can make worthwhile improvements, and they do. However, it is so much better not to have to go through the distress of health problems and all the discomforts that go with them.

    As parents of young children, you have the golden opportunity to stay on top of this problem, solve it early, and keep it way forever.

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