Strollers and Kids

One kind of stroller that has been increasing rapidly on our streets is the jogging one. On three wheels, quite small, and relatively light, jogging enthusiasts in large numbers now use these often as part of their daily practice runs. While the word “jogging” has a slow-paced connotation, in reality these are used mostly for running, which as you know, can be quite fast. Besides being rapid, runs are often quite long. While short ones are usually no less than a mile or two, long ones can range anywhere from 5 to 10, 15, or even 20 miles.

Think of yourself being pushed fast for miles at a time while being confined to a stroller. The thought is quite scary. Even though there is no research about exposing little ones to this kind of long-duration speed, many professionals question its safety for both mind and body development.

The Holidays are Coming! Think about some new and creative ways that will allow you to keep up your exercise schedule and also have one for your little one. Once your baby can walk, reduce all stroller time as much as you can. Then walk, run, sing, dance, and be as active as possible as a family.

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