Stroller Walks!

* Go outside and take a stroller walk. Be sure to stop from time to time to talk about the beautiful skies, colorful leaves, and other interesting sights that nature brings your way. See Tuesday Afternoon Tea Fall-time Fun! for the rest of the story.

Today I was out running, and I saw a mom walking her young child in a stroller. He was eating a sandwich. Not only was he not looking at the crystal clear shining lake, tall trees, and green grass around him; he was also not at all aware of the absolute perfection created by the fresh air, blue skies and warmth of the sunshine. His mom, who was pushing the stroller, was busy talking to two other women; and none of them were the tiniest bit aware of what the young boy in front of them was doing.

Stroller rides are meant to be healthful activities for babies and toddlers who cannot walk long distances. They are meant to be shared experiences filled with all kinds of enrichment for the child.

While there could be a reason for a young child to go on a stroller walk, and while it is possible that eating could be a necessary part of this walk; both should be avoided if possible. Long stretches of time in a stroller for a young child accompanied by unnecessary eating is not a preferred situation. With lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle for young children being major factors related to the current epidemic of obesity, let fresh air, exercise, and shared time together be a priority for you and your child. Enjoy!



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