Sleep Tight!

This news comes to us from an article called The Benefits of a Sleeping Buddy published on November 5, 2013 in the Wall Street Journal. While the target audience for this article is couples, the information is very relevant to families and gives great insight about “the family bed” and staying with children until they fall asleep, and are sound asleep.

Here are some interesting quotes from Dr. Salas from the article that I think you will find interesting.

  • “People have slept in the same bed as a family unit for millennia–mainly for warmth and protection from predators and outsiders.”
  • “Then (cave days) as now it is human to feel safer knowing someone is lying close beside you.”
  • “I can’t quote any studies, but from my neurology background, I would suspect that having a person that you are the protector for or who protects you nearby increases the release of neurotransmitters involved with good sleep.”
  • “Getting quality sleep enhances a person’s quality of life.”
  • “Sleeping apart is a relatively modern phenomenon and varies across cultures.”
  • If you go to other countries, whole families still sleep together.”

*   Humans are social creatures. We want someone nearby.”

NOTE: Dr. Salas is an expert in the history of sleep.

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