Sexual Abuse—Safety and Intervention Techniques

It is difficult to talk to children about sex, and it is even more difficult if you are concerned about possible sexual abuse. By providing information on this topic to you, we hope to be as helpful as possible so that you will either never have to deal with this problem or, in the worst case scenario, be prepared to handle your troublesome situation effectively.

Thank you Brian DeBelle from for contacting us about this and for offering through this link to give us such vital information.

Please note that Brian has started a dialog for us on Tuesday Afternoon Tea. Please feel free to ask him questions directly on that post In addition, you can continue to address concerns to me, and I will do whatever I can to point you in the right direction. Between the two of us, Brian and I will do everything possible to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate guidance and support.

January! The Month of the New Beginning

Begin today to make yourself as prepared as possible for this terrible threat.

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