Renting a What?

House, car, stroller, bike, toy, dog… You name it, and nowadays you can probably rent it. Save lots of money and make some of your biggest dreams come true.

Housing is the main one. With the change in the economy, many families are able to find their dream home by renting it.

Cars is another big business. Now there are many companies that allow you to rent a car for home use at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Everyone knows it is great to rent strollers when you are visiting in another location, but now you are able to rent different kinds for different purposes and for whatever length of time you want. At one point you might want a soft light one for going short distances, and at another you might like a strong heavy one for more longterm use. There are some strollers that are especially made for jogging.

Bikes make another great rental item. How quickly your little one outgrows one size and type and is ready to move on to another.

What about all those toys you buy? What a good idea it is to be able to try out an expensive one, get full use out of it, and then return it after your child has either lost interest in or outgrown it. Sure beats the storage problem!

Yes, you did read the word “dogs.” While the practice is not very prevalent in our country, it is really big in Japan. Some people try them out before they decide to get one. Others like the idea of having one for a weekend. Some people who can’t have them in their apartments or where they live can enjoy a pet for a day or when visiting somewhere else.




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