Raise that Glass in Joy!

No matter how you slice it, parenting in 2013 is just plain hard. In the old days when children were brought up to be real helpers in the family, the task was actually easier. While the down side then was having children with little time left for recreation (what we all call play today), the up side was the built in opportunity for children to feel “valued, needed,” and “important.” Being able to generate for your child those three feelings holds more power for parenting than almost any other advice. While it may sound simple, in today’s world of easy this and easy that, it is extremely hard to do.

The following are excerpts from a section called Ladies, it’s time to raise a glass to wine o’clock in an article called Mothering is like a zero-hour contract with no pay that appeared in the London Telegraph on August 8, 2013. This partly humorous but very down-to-earth article is about the real trials and tribulations of parenting today (a non-stop 24/7 experience) This article surfaced as a result of a new British child care voucher that is now being offered to working mothers only. Needless to say the hardworking 24/7ers do not see this offering as being very fair.

Excerpts from the article…

* For women, wine o’clock is 7:07 pm precisely on Wednesday evening. According to new research, that is the moment of the working week when we reach for our first glass.

* The middle of the week is always a good time to give up completely on any resolve.

* Men are likely to open a bottle first, according to research, taking their first sip at about 6.40pm, while women are about half an hour later – with the majority of people choosing to have their tipple at home. This may suggest that women have 27 minutes more willpower, that they spend time dithering: “Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine later… or maybe I won’t.”

* Or, I fear, it may just mean that, in spite of decades of campaigning and ongoing attempts to change the male mindset, women are busier in the home, doing all the stuff that men don’t have to do – preparing dinner as we load the washing machine while unloading the dishwasher. Into those last minutes of sobriety, we’re just cramming chores.

Interestingly enough here on Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally we dedicate Wednesday Evening Wine to providing tried and tested and very effective research-based parenting techniques. Literally or figuratively we invite you to “click” in anytime and seek your own “Wednesday evening wisdom!”

September! The Month of the Babies

New moms and dad, as you start off your new love, life, and role as parents, pick up that glass of wine at 7:07 pm (or on your own time of choice or in your own symbolic way) and RELAX! Your joy is your baby’s joy. 23/7 will be just fine, and you will all be the better for it!

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