The French make parenting news again; and interestingly enough, it is all about food. While “picky-eaters” is a common topic among American parents, it doesn’t even make the top ten subjects that French parents discuss.

What is the deal? Once again it is all in the culture. French parents, and the early childhood providers who care for their children, all conduct basic meals in the same way–as if they were some version of fine dining. For dressy occasions even small silverware and small wine glasses can be part of a children’s table.

It reminds me a little of the whole puree concept in much of the Latin community. Parents puree their own table food for their little ones. For young babies they puree the food to a very soft texture. Then as baby grows, little by little, they make their in purees more and more of a table-like consistency. Before long… voila… young children are eating like adults!

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