Parent Empowerment!

“That means constantly taking risks, constantly overcoming hurdles, brushing side folks who tell you that your ideas are too ambitious or too unrealistic or too ‘out there.”

These were words that Michele Obama said at a lunch for the award winners of the National Design Awards. In an article entitled “For Award Winners, Lunch with Michelle,” this event was written up in the New York Times on September 29, 2013.

While her audience was not parents, I would like to pass her advice on to you. What these words mean to me is that excellence in many other areas of life, including parenting, comes about from this exact same point of view.

As the first and foremost expert of your child, keep doing what your doing. Sometimes the conventional cookie-cutter advice that others give you will be right for you and exactly what you need; but other times, many times, it will not. Often parenting dilemmas are complex, not straight-forward, and difficult to solve. Sometimes you will need a different more creative and individualized approach, one that you and only you figure out, conjure up, and create.

October! The Month of Positive Energy

Guidance for your child…


Don’t forget the golden rule,

To treat your friends with care.

They will do the same for you.

That is what is fair.


Don’t forget to save the earth.

It’s one big special place.

Recycle all the things you can.

Give animals their space.


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