National Doughnut Day! A Real Day with Real Meaning

And here’s how it started according to a June 6th story on…

“During World War I, the Salvation Army sent volunteers to France, where they made doughnuts for soldiers fighting on the front lines. In 1917, a group dubbed the first Friday of June National Doughnuts Day to commemorate the volunteers’ goodwill gesture.”

And here’s how we celebrated on June 7th…

Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Tim Hortons and LaMar’s all gave away free doughnuts for National Doughnuts Day. There were a few conditions: At Dunkin’s you had to purchase a beverage, and at Tim Horton’s you had to like their Facebook page and print out a coupon for a doughnut that would be free with the purchase of another item.

And this is the message I got…

What a wonderful day to savor in a new and special way. it provides a new opportunity to make up a time to honor thoughtfulness of all kinds. The whole idea would be to make or buy something absolutely delicious for a friend or family member who you truly appreciate. While doughnuts could still be a part of this celebration, I like the idea of expanding the choices. Unfortunately, sugar is a huge problem for many.

Ye Olde Mayflower Coffee Shoppe

One of my favorite memories from childhood was when our family went out on a Sunday to the Mayflower Coffee Shop and enjoyed together fresh-baked doughnuts. Today there is no longer a Mayflower Coffee Shop, and there is hardly a place to go for this kind of true-blue all natural fresh-out-of-the oven treat.

When our family went out for that special time together, we did not have all kinds of other sugary treats everyday during the week. When we went there, it was truly an out of the ordinary event that was very much appreciated. At home during the week we had one special treat a day like a chocolate bar, couple of cookies, or some kind of ice cream; but that was it. Overdosing on sugar wasn’t even a hint of a worry, and we really had a good time.

I would never want to trade life today with all its wonderful conveniences for the old times of yesteryear; but as you know, I always love to learn from the past as a way to enrich the present. I have done that before; I will do it again; it works!


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