Missing Children’s Day

Imagine being the parents of Etan and being up in the air about the loss of their son for 33 years. Imagine saying good-bye to your child one morning and then never seeing him again. Imagine not knowing what happened to your child.

There are some potential new leads in this case, and an arrest has been made that hopefully will result in the case finally being closed. While an arrest is better than no arrest, it can never take the place of a beloved son or make up for going through a nightmare-of-a-lifetime.

May 25 has been set aside as National Missing Children’s Day. It is a day on which we honor and remember missing children. This date was chosen specifically because it is the date in 1979 when 6-year-old Etan Patz was found missing on his way to school in New York.

Kudos for having this special day to honor and remember missing children. There are many.

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