Mind Body Connection

Wow! How did they get so disconnected? 

Here are the three major ways to care for the body: Food, Movement and Sleep. Easy? Not so easy.

Here is the one major way to take care of the mind. Meditation.

By taking care of both, we connect them. Proper eating, exercising and sleep help your mind to work at its best. Meditating in any form goes right to tuning up your nervous system. In this class my colleague Virginia Ray and I will be teaching how to keep the body, mind and spirit in alignment for optimal functioning.

In parenting we say, “The first and most important way to care for children is to care for yourself.”

Join us at the Fountain Hills Community Center if you can on Thursday morning, January 22nd, to start a four-week course learning how to connect the mind, body and spirit to create wellness. How perfect is that!

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