Mass Shooting in Newtown!

When something goes wrong, it is bad, sad, or even tragic like this horrific event. However, believe it or not, all disasters have one positive thing in common. They are to there learn from so that they will never ever happen again.

Here are the main reasons that have been identified for this tragedy so far. There are probably a few others. They all belong to our society, and now it is up to each of us in our own special way to attack these conditions and make sure that they will no longer be around to harm any more innocent children and adults.

  • Lack of adequate gun control laws
  • Not enough security for each and every existing school
  • Easy access to violent video games for school age children and teens
  • Lack of guidance and support for huge numbers of parents of young children, who, because of difficult circumstances, have replaced nurturing and love with abuse and neglect
  • Major unmet needs for huge numbers of children related to food, clothing, shelter, and emotional support

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