Little Kids, Little Techs, Big Kids, Big Techs

While today’s news is not about young children, it is about older children (young adults) who were recently young themselves. These are older children who more than likely grew up very much immersed in technology.

The article titled Automated texts to your girlfriend? There’s an app for that 

appeared in the February 26th issue of the London Telegraph.

“BroApp allows users to ‘outsource their relationships’ and spend more time with ‘the bros’ by sending automated romantic texts to a girlfriend’s phone.”

“BroApp automatically texts your girlfriend so you don’t have to.”

This is “an app which sends ‘sweet texts’ to the user’s girlfriend in order to give him more time to spend with ‘the bros.’ The creators of BroApp, which launched on Sunday and costs £1.49 to download, claims it allows men to ‘outsource their relationships’ by selecting the type of text they want to send their partner and when.”

This app is complete with all kinds of details that make it function flawlessly for the purposes described above. Without making any judgements about it or questioning its usefulness in any way, important for us is to know that it was created  by tech-savvy people who more than likely grew up spending a lot of time connected to computers and playing with many different kinds of apps.

February! The Month of the Heart

The last of the February info for kids:

Blood travels all around the body in blood vessels. These vessels are all attached to the heart. The ones that carry blood away from the heart are called arteries. The ones that carry it back to the heart are veins. The arteries carry blood that delivers nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, and the veins carry blood that comes back to the heart empty-handed, ready to pick up new blood with more nutrients and oxygen for the body.

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