Landmark Presentation about Overcoming Learning Challenges


On Thursday morning November 8, 2013 one of our experts Cynthia Goldberg gave her first public speaking presentation. It was to students in the GROW Program at Riverview School in Sandwich, MA. Riverview is an internationally renowned private school serving children with learning disabilities from grades 6 – 12. It also has a unique and highly respected program called GROW (Getting Ready for the Outside World), a three-year transition that takes students beyond high school and continues to prepare them for the college level. Cynthia herself is a graduate of that program.

As part of her talk to those students, Cynthia told them about the process she went through in writing her book A Tale of Two Cynthias, how she made 20 poems and 20 pieces of artwork come together into one book. When asked about her interest in writing she explained, “I started as a child writing when I was down on myself. I had to begin by listing my strengths and vision for myself for the future.” Another student asked, “What did the book mean to you inside your heart?” Cynthia responded, “It all explains who I am from the heart…what we believe is who we are!”

She went on to inspire the students and staff by adding, “Now I’m overcoming a lot of things to become who I really am.” Cynthia was a powerful example of living her words. One teacher expressed, “I believe her message will live on through the students she touched through her book, artwork and heart felt presentation.”

As a specialist here on Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally, Cynthia helps out when it comes to parenting children who have disabilities. She is grateful for all the people who have helped her throughout the years and now appreciates this opportunity to give back. Cynthia also has recently started her own business call Cynthia Goldberg… from my heart in which she sells her poetry book along with other products that she has created. You can find out more about Cynthia and her work on her website: She welcomes you to stop by there and also to contact her on Facebook.

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