High Quality and High Quantity Language for Little Ones!

Here is news exactly as it appeared from the Associated Press under the topic of SCIENCE.

Babies’ Brains are Helped by Hearing More Words

“New research shows that both how much and how well parents talk with babies and toddlers helps tune the youngsters brains in ways that build vocabulary skills.

Children who hear more words at an early age—not from TV but from someone speaking directly to them—fare better. And longer, complex sentences are fine. The idea is to prime the brain to learn new words through context.”


Very important to know is that this information has been researched many times before in all different ways by an abundant number of people in a multitude of environments. Most important to know is that what is left to be done is to implement it. Easier said than done!

Past Studies

* Research exists telling us that the higher the quality and quantity of parent language, the more successful children will do in school.

* Research exists explaining that it is the interactive nature of real speech that makes the TV not as effective as listening, talking and responding.

* Research exists showing that when high quality and quantity speech is used, the brains of those children who are exposed to it by the age of two are larger and more well-developed than those of children who hear mostly short choppy sentences like “Stop that; Go away; Leave me alone,” and “Not now” during that time.

According to a summation of research, it turns out that the most effective parent-child interaction related to later life success is both a high quality and high quantity of language. Such information has been available since the late 1980’s.

February! The Month of the Heart

Read, Sing, and Talk to your child as much as you can. Remember this tip as the R,S & T of Parenting.

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