Gun Violence Starts at Birth … for Real!

It also stops there with the right kind of intervention.

Here it is in a nutshell. Provide

    • An enriched learning environment
    • With an emphasis on high quality and quantity language between parents and children and
    • Make sure all family members are in loving and respectful relationships with each other. 

There is more to it than that, of course! Consistent care and concern daily is what first and foremost makes the difference. The late and very distinguished professor of child development at Cornell University said it this way, There needs to be at least one person in the child’s life who is “crazy about the kid.”


The evidence abounds. Support parents! It is not just a good idea; it is an absolute necessity. Some services already exist–in hospitals, preschools and through other kinds of specials programming. However, in reality there is not enough of what new and young parents really need, and that is support, support and more support. Providing preschool later on is one thing, but setting up “universal parent education and support” for parents at least for the first year holds the key. What we need now is solid legislation to help all parents as they go through these very exciting yet equally difficult times. 

Early childhood is the formative time, and every minute of proper parenting counts right from the start. There is not a moment to waste.

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