Grandparents are Grand!

How do I know that? 

According to my friends and so many others, “Grandparents don’t have a bad bone in their bodies.” As a matter of fact here is what a few of my friends said about their grandmothers:

Joan: My Grandma Terese and I would sit on the divan in her bedroom and pretend we were on a train to places like Alaska. We would bounce along and remark on what we saw out the “window.”

Debra: I remember my grandmother being very patient.  We sat more and she never yelled at me.  She was calm. She was physically strong. And she was empathetic…heartfelt, honest words of conversation made her eyes well up and tears came down our cheeks.  I loved her authenticity.  💜

Suzanne: My grandmother was like a mother to me; kind, patient, loving and always made me feel wanted and loved. She only lived a block away and I joyfully visited her daily as a child and teen. She always had fresh baked cookies, ice cream and a big hug for me. I loved her beautiful summer garden. 

Mary: She was very creative and taught me how to sew and crochet and always praised my accomplishments. Some of my fondest memories were her “tea reading” sessions when she used her beautiful china teacups and saucers that were usually displayed in her china cabinet. I was always mesmerized by the future she saw in these teacups. She told me if I looked really hard I would see it too, but I never saw anything but floating tea leaves!  I loved hearing her stories about the mothers with young men in the service going to her house to find out how their sons were. Like my dad, many were teenagers and had lied about their ages to be old enough to proudly serve their country during WW II. Therefore, the moms were sick with worry about their sons. My tea-reading grandmother always told me a new story about what she saw in the tea leaves and how the ladies in our small fishing village community always felt better after their reading. My Nana Jenny will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Maria Elena: I loved my maternal grandma. She always lived with us. There is so much more. 

Emily: Wish I could, but sad to say, I had no grandparents.  They all died when I was quite young, and I never had that wonderful experience.  I’m envious of people who had close loving relationships with grandparents.   

Look at his beautiful photo of my daughter Cynthia with her grandmother. That is how they often spent time together when she was young. 

Do you remember being with your grandma? How about that famous “grandma snuggle?” 

Send me your favorite memory and any special photo you might have saved.

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Remember Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 13th. Enjoy your very special time together!

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