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From the Wall Street Journal on October 15, 2013, we learned in the article Bigger Postpartum Challenges Than Just Baby Weight that it is best to keep an eye on your own body recovery right from the start. Small problems that many new moms overlook because of being busy with their baby can sometimes lead to bigger problems later on in life.

This sounds like nothing more than “good sense” because it is. It is only newsy because of the fact that many new moms are on the older side and often had weight problems to start. Both of those factors increase the “good sense” aspect of this news and push it up to the category of a “must do.”

October! The Month of Positive Energy

More positive talk from The Magic Words of Manners…


Mistakes are part of life for all.

They happen much with your friends.

If it’s something you have done,

Then you should make a mends.



After playing long and hard,

You pick up everything.

Be ready for his/her mom to come.

You’ll hear the doorbell ring.


While you are at the door,

GOOD BYE is what you say.

Then there’s one more special touch

Before you end the day.



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