French Parenting… Again!

News about Jenny Craig’s arrival in France gives us new insight into the culture of eating we are passing on to our children.

In France the box is smaller, and the interior container is more elegant. In addition, the dishes are more sophisticated like boeuf bourguignon and veloute de tomates.

Why the difference?

The answer lies in the French culture, which has a social, as opposed to an individualistic style, of eating. French Jenny Craig is designed to be used as part of a meal with a group of people enjoying each other at the table. Whatever arrives comes with instructions to add fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy. All of French dining is based on fresh food from the market and communal meals.

What to do? Just what you did before with the other news about French parenting. Do whatever is helpful to you in achieving your own realistic goal to feed your family in the most convenient, efficient, and healthful way you can. All you can do is the best you can do… and that is terrific!

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