Food Prescriptions: A New Concept!

Here’s the article title: A Delicious Prescription. 

Here is the source: Wall Street Journal Saturday/Sunday, March 15-16, 2014.

Here is the main idea: “Chefs and doctors are teaming up to create health food you might actually crave.”

There is a joint project going on by the CIA, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Samueli Institute, a non-profit dedicated to investigating healing practices. They have created “a place where nutrition scientists teach medical providers what they need to know about which foods we should eat more of, or less of, and why”

Here is what I consider to be the big news. A new approach to feeding children is being born. There will soon be available usable information on “how certain foods can prevent diseases or help manage them.”

Here is a quick and easy mini cheat-sheet:

* Green beans – regulate blood sugar and are a source of fiber

* Avocados – are a source of healthy fat, contain potassium, have vitamins C & K for bone density, and folate that can lower breast and colon cancer risk

* Mushrooms – contain minerals and vitamins B & D, said to be anti-inflammatory and include polysaccharides which are said to fight tumors

The list goes on for all fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and some meat, fish and poultry too.


March! The Month of the Rainbow

Keep a fun checklist of rainbow colors. See how many you and your child can eat during the course of the day. Rainbow colors will provide you with a complete balanced diversification of nutrients. Include black and white (only natural foods) to be fully complete!

See Monday Morning Coffee for weekly tips on helping your child develop healthy eating habits.


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